Influencer Exposed for Pretending to Fly First Class Claps Back at Haters

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| LAST UPDATE 06/27/2021

By Joyce Ballard
ocean elhimer economy scandal
Instagram via @oceanelhimer

Meet Oceane El Himer, the stunning influencer caught in quite the scandal. You might want to buckle up (preferably in a first-class seat) because this story is about to take some serious turns. A little trick got this model in some big trouble...

oceane el himer scandal
Instagram via @oceanelhimer

Our tale begins, as many influencer scandals do, with a social media post. Ocean took to the Gram with a picture of herself wearing a bright hoodie and lilac tracksuit, surrounded by an airplane's first-class luxuries. But things got sketchy when fellow passengers then noticed the French model make her way somewhere else after snapping the shot.

You probably guessed it: After taking a pic for the Gram, Ocean walked back... to economy. We're not here to judge someone for not flying first-class (2021 is the year of ballin' on a budget) but plenty of passengers took to social media and exposed the influencer's ploy. And online followers had a lot to say about the scandal.

oceane elhimer first class
Twitter via @NjotuPower

"If you can't trust an influencer, who can you trust?" asked one user. Well, apparently no one. Not that Ocean is the first (or the last) influencer to pull such a stunt. Some online stars even used studio sets that imitate private jets for their Insta uploads. Whatever it takes to make that big buck. But not long after getting caught, El Himer was back at it with a message for the haters.

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Ocean and her friend uploaded a snap of themselves sitting in first-class, holding some champagne glasses and giving the camera a little message with their middle fingers. "This time I promise I paid," the influencer captioned the post. She later wrote in her Insta Story, "Yes, I traveled in eco and in business. And so? Where is the problem, I do not understand? Much more serious things are happening in life." Only time will tell if El Himer will be back in her follower's good graces... We'll keep you in the loop.