How to Make Your Everyday Wellness Routine More Eco-Friendly

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| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Jessica Lopez
Wellness Routine Eco Friendly
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There's no denying that while some people prefer a steaming hot shower, others like them lukewarm. And, the same goes for washing one's face or hands. But, when it comes to water and wellness, there's a big waste issue among humankind at large. However, by making a small effort, we can all help to turn things around.

Eco Friendly Water Use
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To cut down on the environmental impact of our wellness routines, here are some simple changes we can make. First, we can save on water by turning the faucet off while brushing our teeth, and making an effort to turn the water off when we are not using it. This means scrubbing hands full of soap without the faucet on!

Eco Friendly Wellness Routine
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If the facial cleansing routine you're acclimated to includes single-use cotton pads or makeup remover wipes, it's time to reconsider. This could be a great thing, possibly even the biggest step of cutting down on the waste produced in our routines. Thus, switching to reusable materials would greatly decrease wellness waste.

This next one is for anyone who wears makeup on a daily or more casual basis. Whatever your usage is, consider switching your products to refillable makeup lines such as Clarins. With their products, you get to keep and reuse the luxurious exterior of the packaging and replace the makeup trays inside!

Saving Water Eco Conscious
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Did you know that the "perfect" dollop of toothpaste that we see in commercials is well over the actual amount that we need to keep our teeth pearly white? That's right! Dental experts actually suggest a pea-sized amount to effectively clean teeth. Per the professionals, it's time for human kind to use less toothpaste.

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Last on our list but surely not the last option for leaning into the more economically friendly wellness route is using ocean-friendly sunscreen. Although some of the product soaks into our skin to help protect us from the sun's rays, much of it washes off when we hit the water.

Ocean Friendly Sunscreen
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So, to keep us burn-free while also keeping marine life happy and healthy, we humans can try switching to ocean-friendly sunscreen. Many companies are altering their formulas to include biodegradable materials that aren't harmful to the ocean's creatures. And, we still get our SPF protection; it's a win-win!